Col. Frank Kaka Bagyenda who has been appointed Uganda's Ambassador to Angola.


The UPDF High Command held a meeting at State House in Entebbe to discuss different issues including the fate of the former of Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura who facing United States sanctions over alleged human rights abuses.

According to security sources, the top army organ, will discuss President Museveni’s directive to the Internal Security Organisation to close all the safe houses allegedly used by ISO to torture people.

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It is said that President Museveni is furious with ISO boss Col Kaka Bagyenda who has returned use safe houses to torture people.

After today’s meeting the UPDF Army Council will also meet tomorrow to discuss the same agenda. Col. Kaka has been under pressure from a section of Members of Parliament on human rights committee that has been investigating alleged torture in safe houses. However, ISO says these aren’t torture chambers but rather holding cells.

Senior investigative journalist Andrew Mwenda has also vowed to expose the alleged rot in Internal Security Organisation.

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