Mr. Syridio Dusabumuremy
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A prominent opposition politician in Rwanda, Mr. Syridio Dusabumuremyi, has been stabbed to death, FDU-Inkingi unregistered political party has reported.

The murder of Dusabumuremyi adds to endless list of President Paul Kagame’s opponents who have been murdered within the country and in diaspora.

According to the party’s leader, Victoire Ingabire, Dusabumuremyi, the then FDU-Inkingi’s coordinator, was attacked by two assailants, at his work place.

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He has been running a canteen at a health centre in the central district of Muhanga. The police has however conferment that two suspects have been nabbed, in relation to the gruesome murder and investigations are ongoing.

Ms Ingabire told BCC that the murder of Mr Dusabumuremyi is the latest in a series of attacks on members of her party with the aim of terrifying them.

Two months ago, Eugène Ndereyimana, a FDU-Inkingi representative in the east of Rwanda, went missing. He has still not been found.

In March, Anselme Mutuyimana, the party’s spokesperson, was abducted and later found dead in a forest in the west of the country.

In 2016, FDU-Inkingi member Jean Damascène Habarugira was killed.

Ms Ingabire, a leading critic of President Paul Kagame, said her party was being targeted because it strove for Rwandans rights and freedoms. “Our cause is good and we will never give up on it whatever they do,” she said.