The born again pastor receive President Museveni at Lugogo.



President Yoweri Museveni, has said he will review the new National Policy on Religious and Faith-Based Organisations (R&FBOs) proposed by minister of Ethics and integrity, Fr. Simon Lokodo, requiring all religious leaders to obtain formal theological training from a recognised institution.

According to Fr. Lokodo, the new policy was in the advanced stage of formulation and cabinet is expected to discuss it to pave the way for the enactment of the law. The policy has always been criticized alleging that it has come from a malicious source and thoughts intended to crash the Church.

Speaking during the conference of born-again pastors evangelists at Lugogo, Museveni, said he has not got had time to discuss with Fr. Lokodo. “We shall discuss his proposal, biblically, Simon Peter didn’t go to a seminary. We shall discuss this,”  he said.

Museveni used that platform to encourage Christians to lead as examples when it comes to wealth creation and chasing away poverty. How can a Christian be the light when his children are starving and wearing rags?

“Wherever you look in the Bible, the guidance is ‘Don’t just talk, but do’. That is how God will assess you,” he said.

Earlier, the founder and Senior Pastor of the Miracle Centre Cathedral, Robert, and said Africa is no longer under the curse and it’s time to stand with President Museveni to build our land.

“We have one disturbing issue that is scaring all 55,000 of us is Father Lokodo’s policy document. That document doesn’t represent you at all. We wonder why they only bring it when we’re approaching elections,” he told the president.

“We believe that the spirit of God is upon our country. We thank the president for granting us the freedom we needed. Pastors and evangelists have something common with the national resistance movement (NRM) government. NRM has the correct ideology and we have the correct theology.” Kayanja said.