Rwakakamba Morrison @Rwakakamba · Sep 21 Investment State Minister Anite Evelyn, chairman UIA Board Dr. Emely Kugonza, and board members Morrison Rwakakamba and Fred Opolot as they receive 200 acres of land title from Koboko district leadership for establishment of Oraba Industrial Park.

The Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) Iicensed 286 projects worth US$1.3 billion in the financial years 2018/2019, according to the Acting Director General, Lawrence Byensi.

The projects where licenced in the sectors of agriculture, hunting, forest & fishing; community & social services; construction; electricity, gas & Water; finance, insurance, real estate & business; manufacturing, mining & quarrying; transport, storage & Communication; and wholesale & retail, catering & accommodation services.

The manufacturing sector with 148 projects had over 50 percent of the total projects licenced during the period under review. It was followed by agriculture…which had 51 projects licenced. They were followed by the sectors of Transport, Storage & communication and wholesale & retail, catering & accommodation services that had 25 and 18 projects licenced respectively.

Construction, electricity, gas & water had 17 and 12 projects licenced respectively. While Community & Social Services, finance, insurance, real estate & business services and mining & quarrying had 1, 8 and 6 projects licenced respectively.

Domestic projects had planned investment of about US$328. 8 million while foreign-owned projects had planned investment of just over US$1 trillion.

Planned investment by ownership shows joint venture projects leading with about US$790 million while locally owned had US$130.5 million.

Top sources of investment where China, Uganda, Lebanon, India and United Arab Emirates (UAE). China led the group with about US$607.3 million, followed by Uganda at US$328.8 million. Lebanon India and United UAE followed with US$70.6 million, US$58 million and US$55.7 million respectively.

The planned investments were supposed to create a total of 59,940 jobs, with  foreign-owned projects providing 45,203 jobs while locally owned projects creating 14, 737 jobs.