Singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe cool is in fear after unknown man in Ireland reportedly sent him messages threatening to go for his mother’s life.

According to Bebe cool, the threatening messages are alluded to his political affiliation of the ruling party Nation Resistance Movement (NRM) and supporting President Yoweri Museveni who has been in power for 34 years.

Bebe Cool’s mother according to Kojja Omugezi a person threatening to kill her, is reportedly in the USA and they have established where she stays and they are about to finish her off.

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“No body knew that your lovely mum who’s over 70 years can be out in snow doing petty jobs for survival when you who’s supposed to help her retire peacefully you are busy running after Lumpens who are abusing and killing mothers on daily basis,” Kojja omugezi wrote on Facebook.

Adding “We know for sure that you dumped your mum in US where she’s illegally to have peace because she was becoming a burden to you. Shame upon children like you who treat their parents like you.” He wrote

According to WhatsApp conversations between Bebe Cool and Kojja Omugenzi, the assailant said he would have killed Bebe Cool but his bosses are so kind and patient.

“Just wait, you will regret why you crossed and started supporting Museveni. Something you and your family will never forget, open your eyes widely we are following you,” he said in WhatsApp messages published by Bebe Cool.

In his response, Bebe Cool said threatening him won’t work, my mother is over 70 and she has seen it all. You causing harm to her won’t make me support your ideas. Uganda’s opposition supporters think they will threaten their way to leadership, wish you luck. He said he will catch the assailant before he executes his plans.

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