VP Ssekanding handing over the trophy to the winners



Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi has called for more support to female footballers in response to the enthusiasm being showed by girl’s participation and talent in playing football just like male players.

Speaking at the end of the ‘Annual Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi Youth Sports Tournament’ in Bukoto Central County in Masaka district, Ssekandi said that football is the most sought and watched sport which must not leave female youth behind.

He commended the Chief Executive Officer Xabo Group of Companies, Dr. David Alobo, for co-funding the sports gala that has brought together several youths from the area and united them in both social and economic activities.

He said that sports play a key role in keeping bodies healthy boosting the fight against the current trend of lifestyle diseases but also known source of income more than known white caller jobs and urged sports officials in the country to start girl footballing academies to tap the potential and talent of the young women.

The CEO Xasbo Group Dr. David Alobo said that he was happy with the participation of the youth under their umbrella organization Bukoto Central Youth Link and appreciated the Vice President efforts in bolstering the socio-economic well-being of the people of Bukoto and pledged more financial support to development initiatives around the country.

The day also featured male football and women football, netball, 10 kilometers  bicycle race and a 4.8 kilometers  water full jerrican race where winners in football received Shs500,000 a new set of jerseys, three footballs and medals, the net ballers received Shs400,000 and new kits, while the winner of the bicycle race received Shs300,000.

About 1,000 youth from Kyesiiga, Kabonera and Kyanamuka sub counties participated in the year-long sports gala whose finals were held at St. Pius Primary School Buliro in Kyesiiga sub county where the runner ups and the tournament referees and arbitrators led by chief referee Sserunjogi Moses also received cash prizes.