Bobi Wine

Ugandan musician who  doubles as the Kyadondo East legislator, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, has said the real enemy to Uganda’s progress is ‘a 34 year old dictatorship which has nothing left to offer to the country.’

In an interview with BBC News Africa on Wednesday, President Yoweri Museveni said Bobi Wine is an enemy to Uganda’s progress who tells foreigners not to invest in Uganda and therefore he cannot enjoy the prosperity of the country through hosting music shows among other events in the country.

Responding to president Museveni’s statements, the singer said the real enemy to Uganda’s progress are the sickening levels of corruption for which President Museveni is a chief priest.

“What has since happened to President Museveni was aptly captured by late Eriya Kategaya in his book ‘Impassioned for Freedom.’ Condemning Mr. Museveni’s third term bid, Kategaya wrote; I have observed that the longer one stays in power, the more one is insulated from reality. The trappings of state apparatus tend to make one live an unrealistic existence.”

“Sadly, President Museveni has been living this ‘unrealistic existence’ for a long time now. For starters, he removed all doubt about who has been blocking our music concerts. Ridiculously, he says that I cannot stage concerts because I discredited his government to foreign investors,” he said adding that   Police have been saying that our shows are stopped because we didn’t have enough ambulances, a traffic management plan, and that all of a sudden our venue had become too small to host our fans. Now, President Museveni busts his own shadow by exposing their lies.

The real enemy to Uganda’s progress is the breakdown of democratic values, characterized by rigging elections, violation of civil rights and liberties and the blatant disregard of the law, and failed education system where millions of our nation’s children do not finish primary school; where children study under trees, and those who are lucky to finish school have no skills whatsoever.

The real enemy to Uganda’s progress is a sick healthcare system- where the few health facilities are understaffed and ill equipped. Where health-workers are poorly paid and the few drugs sold on the black market. Where the casualty ward at Mulago hospital is itself a casualty- victims of accidents sleeping in their blood on the cold floor.

“Rampant land evictions, where poor Ugandans are thrown off the only thing left in their possession by the powerful and mighty, unresolved murders of  people at the hands of the state- Kasese being only an example.”

He said Nepotism and sectarianism practiced in the public service and championed by President Museveni himself where merit no longer counts and a small clique controls every aspect of the state,  breakdown of state institutions and erosion of their independence Where a president controls the judiciary, parliament, police, IGG, etc are the enemies of the country.

Bobi wine said excessive wastage of public resources where President Museveni and his cronies bulge in abundance at the expense of an overtaxed, poor Ugandan, illegal, high-handed grabbing of Uganda’s public assets and resources are real enemies of the country.