State Minister for Finance Mr David Bahati

The state minister for finance in charge of planning, David Bahati, has advised students to stay away from the temptation of engaging in unprotected sex to avoid contracting HIV/Aids.

This month, President Yoweri Museveni launched Presidential Fast-Tracking Initiative on the Elimination of HIV/AIDS that targets total elimination of the scourge from the Uganda by 2030 and the young generation which form the biggest portion of Uganda’s population is one of the targets of the initiative.

“We all know where Aids comes from so we should avoid taking that route. Follow President Yoweri Museveni’s advice of abstinence and faithfulness,” the minister said while meeting University students and graduates hailing from Ndorwa West in Kampala

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He urged them to be agents of change among the people around them noting that the country was spending so much money on treatment of Aids, which money would be used on other development activities.

 “We are spending more than US$400 million on HIV/AIDS treatment annually, yet we don’t even have that money. In fact, this government only contributes just less than US$50 million while the bigger part comers from donors. What if these donors pull out?” He asked.

“Tell people that if they don’t change their ways, they will not live long to enjoy the many good plans this government has for them. Tell those men to go to hell with their money. You will make your own money if you live healthy lives for long,” he said.

He implored them to work hard and never to get pass degrees, “Why should you allow to fail? Your parents are struggling to get school fees, so make them happy by excelling,” he added

Bahati also advised the students to come up with business ideas so that they can start their earning income while still studying.

“We need to know the difference between development and improving household income. The former is for the government to take care of while the latter is for the individual.”