Henry Martin Saka

A husband of Diana Balaba Musoke, Mr. Musoke, has gone into media pleading with Henry Martin Saka, the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Commissioner Domestic Taxes,  stop having a sexual relationship with his wife who works at the same institution.

“The Commissioner domestic taxes have long been known for sleeping around with his staff and even siring kids. I have been following his relationship with my wife Diana closely and noticed that he is having a sexual relationship with her. I brought this to the attention of the Commissioner General recently when they travelled to Mombasa on an organized retreat with other people. I was however not helped as the Internal Audit Commissioner told me he was tired of that man’s issues with female staff! I have therefore been left with no option but to run to the media for audience! Mr. President weyayu?” Musoke says.

Mr. Musoke currently is against his wife Diana’s plans to travel to Malaysia with Saka. “My wife Diana Balaba Musoke is again scheduled to travel with this man to Penang Malaysia next week Friday 8th November. Why is this behavior being condoned by URA! especially where I have raised a red flag!,” he says.

“I hear he promises them these trips abroad which are fully funded by the tax payers’ money by the way as bait.  I also heard her say she has been lined up for a promotion as supervisor budget. I think she is travelling to pay for this promotion. I am informed that all supervisory position in domestic taxes requires PODITRA/ITRAT however, for this specific position it was waived.”

“This man is always chatting with my wife on his international Whatsapp number and I have managed to access some of the chats that I will share shortly. I need help because this man is failing my marriage,” he says.