Elderly women with Minister Bahati.


The State Minister of Finance in charge of planning David Bahati has revealed that the government is working on wrong information that was submitted on old people to benefit under the government program under Social Assistance Grant for the Elderly- SAGE so as to reduce on the challenges affecting the beneficiaries.

Minister Bahati was last weekend responding to questions raised by a section of old persons from Ndorwa West during a consultative meeting with Katuna town council National Resistance Movement leaders at the town council headquarter.

Old persons who include Loidah Kyoheirwe 87 and Pellepetwa Kyomuhendo 94 were asking the minister to know the procedures that the government uses to choose old persons to benefit under Social Assistance Grant for the Elderly- SAGE. They say that officials who were registering beneficiaries did not consider them.

Bahati said that the government is currently facing a problem where old persons submitted wrong bi-data while registering themselves to benefit under the program citing an example of a 94 year old woman from Butanda who missed the grant because she had registered 56 years and could not benefit.

Bahati appealed young educated children to always take their old parents for registration and ensure that they give wright information in order to avoid such challenges of having our old people in Kabale not benefiting under the program.

Social Assistance Grant for the Elderly- SAGE is a government to support old persons with 80 years to get Shs25, 000 monthly.

Bahati also implored farmers and business community to use local markets to sell their products until when the Uganda government solves the border issue with the Rwandan counterpart.

He implored people for the min- time, to use local markets to sell off their produces as the issue of the border is being handled by the president. He said that the President of Uganda is using very smart ways which do not involve wars to solve impasse between the two sister countries.

He also asked people to be patient saying that the border is anticipated to be opened not exceeding three months from today.

On February 27, this year, Rwanda closed its borders with Uganda in Katuna and Chanika in Kabale and Kisoro districts respectively.