Dr. Kiiza Besigye, the former FDC president
EC Village Verification

Former presidential candidate, Dr Col Kizza has launched a signature collection campaign aimed at dragging president Museveni and his accomplices to the international criminal court (ICC) over gross violation of human rights.

According to Dr. Besigye, they are aiming to collect two million signatures from 128 districts that makeup the country. He also warned all security officers who take part in violation of human rights.

“This should serve as a warning to all security officers, you will be taken as individuals not as institutions.” He said

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The campaign proceeds brutality and terror unleashed by Uganda Police against Forum for Democratic Party (FDC) on November 4th in Kireka and November 6th at FDC headquarters. On the fateful day, Police targeted and nearly killed Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye when it used water canon that almost threw him off his car.

Besigye and other party members were trying to make their way to Mandela National Stadium where they were scheduled to have a seminar.

Yesterday, the party revealed that it has summoned an emergency National Executive Committee (NEC) session this Friday November 15th to decide on the next action. The FDC NEC comprises 86 top leaders and is chaired by the party President Eng. Patrick Amuriat.

All the Police officers involved in this violence have properly been identified. The party will decide what to do with them on Friday. Those who sprayed FDC women league leaders with poisonous chemicals on Wednesday November 6th, have also been properly identified. We will decide what to do with them on Friday.

But even as we wait to take a decision against these individual police officers and their commanders, FDC condemned the brutality and terror that Police and the military have unleashed onto Makerere University students, journalists and other citizens in the last couple of weeks.

In June this year, Kasese leaders, including the former leader of opposition (LOP) in parliament who doubles as the Kasese woman MP, Winnie Kiiza, threatened to reconsider the dragging of president Museveni, Maj. Gen peter Elwelu and Assistant Inspector General of Police Asuman Mugenyi to International criminal Court (ICC) over the attack of Rwenzururu kingdom in 2016 and blocking of king Charles Wesley Mumbere from attending the burial ceremony of his mother.

In December 2016, a group of Members of Parliament from the Rwenzori sub-region, petitioned ICC, requesting for investigations into the infamous Kasese killings. Over 100 civilians were killed during the assault and scores left injured, with the king currently facing terrorism prosecution.