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Government of Uganda has protested the continuous killi of its nationals by Rwanda security police at a common shared border.

On Sunday, Rwandan security operatives shot dead Job Ebindishanga and Bosco Tuheirwe at around 5am in Tabagwe Sector, Nyagatare district, Eastern Province as they accessed Rwanda. The deaths were however acknowledged by Rwanda.

And yesterday, government of Rwanda led by Mayor of Nyagatare district David Claudian Mushabe handed over the two bodies to Ugandan authorities led by Prikeria Muhindo Mwiine, the Rukiga Resident District Commissioner (RDC). The handover took place at Buziba border post, at Kamwezi Sub-County, where officials from both sides signed documents confirming receipt of the bodies.

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In a protest letter delivered to Rwandan high commissioner to Uganda, Maj Gen Frank Mugambage, by the ambassador Patrick Mugoya, the permanent secretary ministry of foreign affairs, Uganda protested the gun down of its citizens for allegedly indulging in to smuggling of goods at the border.

“The alleged crime cannot justify the high handed and criminal act by Rwandan security personnel against unarmed civilians residing along the common shared border,” reads in part of the statement adding that the murders are inimical to the efforts peddled at improves relations of the two countries.

Uganda through the ministry of foreign affairs demanded that a joint investigation into the murders be conducted and the perpetrators held accountable.

Rwanda has been hostile to citizens crossing from Rwanda to Uganda and with the latest incident, on November 4, 2019, a Rwandan national, peter Havugimana was shot in Rwanda as he crossed with 10 kg of Irish potatoes however after shootings he ran back into Uganda territory where is receiving medical attention.

“The government of Uganda considers the shooting a grave matter although the latest is a Rwandan, it constitutes a pattern of recklessness and high handed acts on the part of Rwandan security personnel against simple and ordinary people that live along the border. Government of Uganda is ready to hand over Havugimana to relevant Rwandan authorities if he wishes to return.” The statement reads.

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