magogo moses - fufa president

The Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Museveni, has directed the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to investigate Fufa President Moses Magogo over the alleged sale of 2014 Fifa World Cup tickets.

Magogo is serving a two-month suspension from footballing activities given to him by Fifa and is set to return to office on December 10, 2019.

The suspension came after Makindye West Member of Parliament, Allan Ssewanyana petitioned to FIFA regarding accusations that Magogo was involved in the sale of 2014 World Cup tickets that had been allocated to Uganda.

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Fufa first vice president Justus Mugisha is currently serving as the interim Fufa President.

“The Permanent Secretary of MoES has sought for legal opinion and guidance from the Solicitor General MoJCS (Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs) on the way forward for government proceed with this matter in view of the facts and information that have been received on the matter. I have also requested the IGG to investigate this matter in views of the law of Uganda and take appropriate further action as necessary,” reads part of the letter.

“Fufa as a quasi-public body, and registered under the Ugandan laws, is subject to the Laws of Uganda, and this case can therefore also be prosecuted in Uganda under relevant laws related to corruption and embezzlement among others,” the letter adds.

The Inspectorate of Government was initially established by the Inspector General of Government (IGG) statute in 1988. However, with the promulgation of the Uganda Constitution in 1995, the Inspectorate of Government is now entrenched therein under chapter 13, which prescribes its mandate, functions and powers and other relevant matters.

The Inspectorate of Government is an independent institution charged with the responsibility of eliminating corruption, abuse of authority and of public office. The powers as enshrined in the Constitution and IG Act include to; investigate or cause investigation, arrest or cause arrest, prosecute or  cause prosecution, make orders and give directions during investigations; access and search – enter and inspect premises or property or search a person or bank account or safe deposit box among others.