Renault trucks


Ugandans can now buy a new model of trucks after French Multinational Automobile Manufacturer Renault, in partnership with Victoria Motors Limited, the distributor, introduced Renault Trucks codenamed Safety+ Edition Trucks to the Ugandan market.

According to the manufacturers, The Safety +Edition Trucks come with additional and enhanced features like High Power Retardation, Neutral Inhibition while at slopes, Hill-start Anti-runaway parking brake, all aimed at enhancing the truck driver experience while improving on safety.

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The features ensure a high level of safety for the driver, other road users and at the same time improving productivity and revenues for business owners.

While launching the trucks at the Kampala Serena Hotel, Dickson Mwesigwa the Victoria Motors Uganda Sales Manager said the introduction of the Safety+ Edition Trucks is to purely respond to safety issues on the road.

Road Fatalities and Traffic Accidents are a growing problem with statistics from the Uganda Police Force indicating that in a span of 20 days in June 2017, they registered over 53 deaths as a result of road accidents.

Majority of these accidents are as a result of human error, defective vehicle condition of which the two combined attribute to about 90 percent of the causes. Road condition only accounts to about 5 per cent.

Aside from introducing the Safety+ Edition trucks, Victoria Motors also embarked on a campaign aimed at reducing road accidents by providing robust services and training drivers in order to equip them with for their safety, that of other road users and that of the goods carried.

Derrick Feta, a Renault Truck Trainer while talking about the Optifuel Driver Challenge that was started with the express aim of rewarding the best eco-efficient and safe drivers, said that 20 drivers were shortlisted for the final competition testing their rational driving skills in the areas of coasting, retarder use and eco-driving.

“Taking advantage of the topography and the truckload, the driver is able to maintain a constant speed and hence improve fuel efficiency on the full journey.

Renault produces a range of cars and vans, and in the past has manufactured trucks, tractors, tanks, buses/coaches, aircraft engines, and auto rail vehicles.

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