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As the world marked Black Friday, a significant amount of shoppers thronged at various shopping points including in Kampala where hundreds of buyers started to assemble outside Shoprite and Game Lugogo and a few other related shopping outlets to buy items at 50 per cent discount.

The term Black Friday first began in the US, where it follows Thanksgiving Day celebrated on the last Thursday of November. The day after Thanksgiving has been regarded as the beginning of America’s Christmas shopping season since 1952, although the term ‘Black Friday’ did not become widely used until more recent decades.

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There was misguidance that the day was chosen to remember slave traders would sell black slaves for a discount to assist plantation owners when they needed extra help to prepare for winter.

As early as  10 pm, hundreds of shoppers were patiently waiting outside Lugogo Mall, Nalya and Ben Kiwanuka for a chance to grab themselves products from Game and Shoprite at a discounted price as part of the highly anticipated worldwide campaign.

It has been difficult for someone to maneuver through after acquiring all the desired goods since the supermarket was overcrowded. There has been too much congestion and one could hardly get to the counter to be seen off to his or her home. Getting a Parking space has been a hustle during the past 10 hours at Shoprite and game store.

The shopping campaign has mostly been dominated by retailers who were seen during the early hours of shopping, parking merchandise on Lorries, and pickups as others filled car boots. According information obtained the shopping places. Traders hired people to help them get all required products for their customers.

Shoprite has operated in Uganda since 2000 when it launched its first store in Uganda, It started with a high-end store in downtown Kampala on Ben Kiwanuka Street, before opening two others in Lugogo and Naalya. Currently, it has five branches in the country employing over 300 employees.

For Jumia online shopping , products have been offered between one per cent to 60 per cent discounts depending of the product.



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