Full Figure writing on bank notes

On December 8, 2019, newly appointed presidential advisor on ghetto youth affairs Jennifer Nakanguubi aka Full figure, took to Facebook where she posted a number of photos where she could be seen scribbling the names Yoweri Kaguta Museveni across several bank notes of the Ugandan currency as well as a few United states dollars.

Although it has not been confirmed as to the source of the new found wealth, sources within the local artiste’s camp can confirm that the money is part of the NRM mobilisation funds that are released in anticipation of the upcoming 2020/2021 general elections.

Full Figure’s actions inevitably sparked a mixture of reactions from the public who believed that the artiste was sell out while others called out against the disrespect she had shown towards the Ugandan currency besides nullifying the dollars.

This further forced some members of the opposition to counteract by writing the names of Bobi Wine across other bills of their own money. Although this was all done in a show of strength and influence amongst both parties.

 The actions of the two opposing groups forced the Bank of Uganda to come out to chastise citizens taking part in the mishandling of the Ugandan currency as well as other bills.

‘This is wrong, deliberately writing on Banknotes is a disrespectful way of handling money. Writing on Banknotes is called graffiti and it can get you into trouble with the Police.’ This was a statement issued earlier by the bank on its official twitter page after it was brought to their attention.

Other citizens aired their sentiments concerning the appointment of unqualified persons to lead the country; this was in reference to Full figure and the ignorance with which she tackled her mobilisation task.

Bobi Wine supporters have also written on bank notes

By abusing the national currency, the two sides, according to political analysts, have indicated that the upcoming elections will be driven by money as they solicit for votes across the country, which is not good for the development of democracy in Uganda.

They analysts have criticised both the NRM and People Power for allowing the abuse of the Ugandan currency. “This people are saying that they have the money to buy the voters,” a political scientist teaching at a major university in Kampala said, adding that the abuse of the notes should not be happening under the NRM government since it converted it from that of former Obote’s regime in 1987 and it has undergone various transformations to be where it is now.

The NRM, according to one analyst, NRM should check the activities of Full Figure, whose seems to do things without second thought even when she could as well seek advice from the party’s top gurus. “It is a shame that Full Figure can abuse our bank notes in the name of promoting the NRM. Where are the leaders of NRM? What are they doing?” The analyst said.

Another analyst said People Power diehards must not copy what the NRM does but instead concentrate on issues that will attract supporters to their camp. “If your opponent abuses the Ugandan currency, it does not mean you do the same. You condemn it in the strongest terms and capitalise on that,” he said.

Another one said it was wrong for both parties to play around with money when majority of Ugandan citizens don’t have money to maintain their families. “It becomes worse when citizens across the country are being hit by natural disasters yet NRM is playing around with money,” he said.