Aliira the winner of NSSF Friends with Benefits Season 3

Simon Aliira is the winner of Shs30 million prize as the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Friends with Benefits Season 3 (NSSFWB3) came to an end yesterday.

Aliira worked for Kinyara Sugar Works Limited from 1993 to 2012 and retired into sugarcane plantation farming in Kinyara, Masindi district after he received Shs85 million as his NSSF retirement benefits in 2013. His business has gone to create jobs for those within his community.

Other winners

Martin Owako: First runner up used his NSSF benefits to set up a poultry farm, re-invest in his rental property as well as launch a successful tour and travel company.

Martin Owako receiving his cheque

Edson Mwine the second runner up and he walked away with Shs 10 million. He used his NSSF Exempted Benefit of less than Shs 700,000 to start a welding business.

Mwine receiving his cheque

Sarah Mubiru walked away with a cheque of Shs 5 million having emerged as the Judges’ choice for NSSFFWB3. Sara used her NSSF Withdrawal Benefit to make honey made sweets.

Sarah receives her cheque

NSSF received over 477 submissions for consideration in this year’s Friends with Benefits TV show which saw three contestants winning contestants walk away with a total of Shs 55 million cash prize to further improve their lives.

NSSFFWB campaign, now in its third year, is a TV show designed to encourage a savings culture in Uganda as well impart financial literacy among savers, by showcasing stories of NSSF beneficiaries who received their savings and did something lie changing.

The show profiles former NSSF members who received and invested or used their NSSF benefits to improve their lives, those of their families and even the communities they live in.

The submissions included success stories ranging from investments in agriculture, hospitality, tours and travel, business, tourism, real estate, education among others.

Apart from yesterday’s winners, there has been a 29 percent increase in the amount of money paid in benefits to qualifying members from Shs 278 billion in 2017 to Shs360 billion in 2018. The number of beneficiaries also increased from 19,027 to 23,665.

The stories submitted touched most of the benefits the Fund offers which are; the Age benefit given to a member who has reached 55 years; Survivors Benefit, Withdrawal Benefit, Invalidity Benefit, Exempted Employment paid to members that join employment categories that are exempted from NSSF contributions; and Emigration Grant paid to a contributing member who has been working in Uganda and is leaving the country permanently.

The Friends with Benefits TV show started airing in October 2019. Winners were selected through voting by the public and an expert panel of judges.