Businessman Sudir Rupaleria has commended the government and more so President Museveni for his continued support towards encouraging foreign investors to come and invest in Uganda.

Sudir was speaking while commissioning shopping union supermarket, established by Chinese investor at Kingdom Mall Kampala.

He noted this enterprise will serve all people in the country and it coming to Kingdom Mall Kampala is a big achievement in terms of attracting more business.

Chen xido zu, the proprietor of the shopping union supermarket, says the facility will serve not only Chinese people but all people from different continents.

She says, her main focus will be offering good and quality services to all kinds of people at affordable prices.

President Museveni has been at the forefront of attracting foreign investors to invest in Uganda given that the country still has untapped resources. The investors have in turn employed Ugandans and some also tap into the local resources for those in the manufacturing sector.