Julie Angume

A widow to the deceased singer, Martin Angume, has been puzzled after her fiancé, Samuel  Sekajugo, failed to show up for the introduction ceremony at her ancestral home in Kiboga.

Held at her father’s home Mr. Ronald Ssemugga, the colorful function was attended by hundreds of people who were warming to have a glance at Julie Angume’s husband.

To their dismay, Sekajugo did not show up and this created a room for speculations with elders lamenting that the misfortune is indicating that darkness is lying ahead of daughter’s marriage. Julie lost her husband in 2013 and had since never gotten married.

Before the introduction ceremony, Julie dumped her matrimonial name ‘Angume’ and acquired ‘the heartbeat’ as preparations geared.

As the function took shape, the in-laws arrived with expensive gifts and they were accorded cordial welcome. However at the time of showing the groom, people looked disappointed when they were showed a picture of Samuel Sekajugo other than the man himself.

“Sekajugo did not turn up because his employers declined to let him back to Uganda though they cleared him to leave his working place in Netherlands.” She said

Julie said her family members knew about it however the function had to proceed since all preparations had been made.  She believes that her man will be available on the wedding day.