President Yoweri Museveni over the weekend made slight changes to his cabinet as he dropped a few ministers whilst he kept, brought in, or moved others to different ministries in a mini reshuffle some political analysts say was meant to divert public debate on Gen. Elly Tumwine’s recent humiliation of his junior Lt. Gen. Charles Angina.

A few days ago, Gen. Tumwine shocked Ugandans as he publicly castigated Lt Gen. Angina for interfering in a land wrangle between Kampala businessman Godfrey Kirumira and his neighbour in Muyenga. Tumwine whose action was circulated in a video clip on social media accused Angina of abusing the UPDF, saying it has not been easy to build the force.

However, analysts who talked to Eagle Online after Museveni made changes opined that Gen. Tumwine’s humiliation of Lt Gen. Angina had taken sides alongside tribal and regional lines and that Museveni being the chief executive of the country, could only cool the tensions by announcing a mini cabinet reshuffle.

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The analysts said the dropped ministers like Irene Muloni, Charles Bakabbulindi, Ida Erios Nantaba and Janat Mukwaya had issues with their performances and that their downfall was expected after all.

According to the analysts, a real cabinet reshuffle should have ‘touched’ the offices of the Vice President, Prime Minister, his deputies and Minister of Security. They argue that President Museveni’s cabinet almost remains the same as the year ends, despite the changes that also saw deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana  moved.

“This was a trick by President Museveni to divert the public from debating Gen. Tumwine’s harassing of Angina,” an analyst said. “You know debating an army on tribal lines is dangerous,” he said. In fact, Tumwine himself should have been number one on the list because he has never done anything apart from bragging and singing”. The analyst said.

Adding “We are aware how the matter has drawn lines and in fact, it is tribal as such but a matter of someone think that for him, he is above the law and I wish you know how to serving chiefs reacted to that humiliation of Angina and it is from this that the Commander in Chief reacted by diverting attention with the so called cabinet reshuffle”

“As you may have observed public debate has shifted to the mini reshuffle. People are now debating which region has most ministers, which region has less, which religious faith has most ministers, which one has less. Tumwine and Angina drama is out of people’s minds now,” another one added when asked about his understanding of the reshuffle.

Another analyst said that Museveni used the reshuffle to tell Teso region that despite Tumwine’s humiliation of Angina, he still trusts the region’s sons and daughters. He has kept Musa Ecweru as the State Minister for Disaster Preparedness, Agnes Akiror (Teso Affairs), Jeje Odongo as Minister for Internal Affairs and brought in Peter Ogwang as State Minister for ICT, Ms Hellen Adoa as State Minister for Agriculture in charge of Fisheries and Dr. Kenneth Omona a Kumam as Principal Private Secretary.