Bobi Wine

Kyadondo east MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has decried of masqueraders purporting to members of people power who are causing chaos and distorting the image of the movement.

Just like it was during Dr. Col Kizza Byesigye’s walk to work campaign in 2011 where people donning in forum for democratic change (FDC) party colors used to cause all sorts of havoc, beating up traders,  a similar behavior has been exhibited in people power movement.

During flopped Lira consultation meeting on Wednesday, many youth in people power colors were seen hurling stones at police officers who had blocked leaders of people power from conducting their consultative meeting.

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On that day, MP Kyagulanyi, Matthias Mpuga and Muwanga Kivumbi were forced to abandon their car as they headed to Lira and bundled up in a police car and eventually, they abandoned them around Karuma Bridge.

Though they have no criteria of identifying who is a member of the movement and who is not, Bobi Wine said his members observe the law despite all intimidations and grievance harm inflicted on them state forces.

The MP has always described his movement as a nonviolent group seeking to take over from the incumbent president Yoweri Museveni. All his political campaigns, Bobi Wine has emphasized disciple and observation of the law.

According to analysts, such individuals across the world are planted by the state to tarnish movement’s images in a bid to bring it down and stopping other people to joining it. Such individuals are normally planted in to spy on the group and disorganizing its programs.

Currently the legislator is on a move to reschedule his consultation meetings after meeting electoral commission officials and senior police officers.

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