President Museveni leads other trekkers recently.


By Nabendeh S.P Wamoto


Recent narrative emanating from Africa kwetu trek from Galamba in Wakiso district to Birembo in Kakumiiro eliminates the hitherto puzzle in the under 40s and outline the fact that most of the population including myself who have worked with the military and security as a whole are ignorant of our combat chronicles because much of the stories have been misrepresented and or misinterpreted by masqueraders who try to speak with their mouths shut or at least give the impression that they are holding small potatoes in their mouths.

This reminds me, of an old lady I met coming from a church service, carrying her Bible, and when I asked her how she did enjoy Sermon of the day, she replied hastily Not very much. I took the wrong book with me; I ought to have taken a dictionary!” Conscious must be seen in the creation. See it in the thinking but not in the walking.

Most of the masqueraders have their own narrow agenda, seeking simple options, ignoring realities just to appear important and out-lining demands which are not principled hence advocating having a share of the national cake yet they were not ready to understand how to bake the same (cake). The revelation by Gen. Yoweri Museveni to the effect that Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye rescued him from death is an artifact to reckon with and great honesty which supports former Tanzanian President, the late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere who once said “Honesty is not the best policy, but should be the only policy.” Remember a blind child doesn’t know even his/her owns mother and what you crave can make you drop what you already have.

Some, especially our young ones, because of the absence of these facts, are always tempted to think President Museveni has a lot in common with Santa Claus, the mythical white-whiskered gentle man who is supposed to bring presents to people during Christmas season. We all know that even though Santa Claus is supposed to bring presents to only good children (read NRM), he doesn’t miss many of our boys and girls no matter how naughty they may have been most of the year. Santa is not very demanding. Somehow he will find a way to over look a child’s naughtiness and will still get toys at Christmas.

The Galamba-Birembo or Africa kwetu trek is incomplete without FRONASA’s  “Mashuja Wa Mianzi-Mashariki”(Bamboo Heroes of the East) marking approximately 95 kilometres whose land mark start point should be Malukhu district  administration grounds where young student Sebastian Namirundu and Tony Masaaba were executed by firing squad by Idi Amin’s Uganda Army (U.A) in 1973.Then to House 49 (late Maube’s residence where Gen. Museveni narrowly escaped death while his two colleagues namely Mpiima Walidi Kazimoto and Martin Mwesiga were shot and killed in cold blood in the same compound). The trek should move through, Butsongola(Late DIGP Maswele’s village and Bishop Wasikye’s home in Mbale district) through Buyobo (late Wadada Nabudere’s village) – Bushiika, Bumasata, Nabweya, Bukirimwa, Bubiita (Mzee makowe’s village) sub counties in Bududa district, Bupoto through the forest to God’s bridge (Daraja la Mungu) and finally to Soono just before Lwakhakha, the border with Kenya in Namisindwa district.

Afrika kwetu trek would be incomplete without Bugisu’s version and contribution.

Nabendeh S.P Wamoto (0776658433)