By Amos Wekesa

I didn’t closely follow the visit of former Attorney General of Kenya, Charles Njonjo who was recently in Uganda for tracking Mountain Gorillas.

But Charles Njonjo visit was such a big opportunity for Uganda’s image amongst Kenyans especially when it comes to tourism.

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Just because my sons and I had Uganda Jersey on while arriving in Kenya, many people in Kenya engaged us.

Interestingly, some were shocked Uganda was actually a tourism destination. Many guys across the border didn’t know gorilla trekking is possible in Uganda.

We stayed with friends in Karen and the neighbours of our friend says he had never considered Uganda as a destination.

But now wants to bring his whole family to Uganda for a tour and it’s because Charles Njonjo highlighted Uganda.

Marketing Uganda to other people including our neighbours, is actually our responsibility. If I have never heard or seen you, you actually don’t exist……in marketing terms.

I hope UTB takes advantage of Charles visit and goes out and markets Uganda even more now.

Kenya has a much bigger middle class and more wealthy people than Uganda and yet Ugandans spend more money in Kenya than Kenyans do here by far.

Over 200.000 Ugandans tour Kenya every year making Uganda the biggest source of Kenya’s tourists in Africa and 3 biggest in the world.

Right now, Uganda airlines is doing well on the Mombasa route but taking Ugandans there not Kenyans coming to spend here.

It’s common sense that if you are poor, attract earning opportunities as much as you can.

Every year, Kenya Tourism board hosts lots of Ugandan media people and tour operators on a tour around Kenya hence the results. Nothing just happens. They advertise in our media etc

If Kenya can do that, we ought to do even better.

Amos Wekesa is an investor and promote of Uganda’s tourism sector

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