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youthful Kisembo, Mafumo seek to replace Gen. Kyaligonza and Kigongo in NRM 

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Two National Resistance Movement party youth league members have expressed interest in replacing long serving members of the party in the forthcoming party elections.

the two young turks are Dr. Emmanuel Diini Kisembo who has threatened to Western Region Vice Chairman, Maj. Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza.

While Kefa Mafumo who works at State House Presidential Assistant in charge of Youth Affairs wants to replacing aging Moses Kigongo as First National Vice Chairman of the party. Mr. Mafumo has previously served as Manafwa district youth council chairman as well as head of the NRM youth league in the same district.

“Our tomorrow is now but we are coming in to re-enforce mzee who is currently overwhelmed. But above all, to ensure continuity. Mr. Mafumo told Eagle Online.

If the two are  elected they will seat on the Central Executive Committee, which is the second highest organ of the ruling party.

According to the ruling party roadmap, the NRM shall elect regional vice chairpersons in May 2020.

A number of senior party officials have expressed interest in a number of positions.

In Northern Uganda expect fireworks as the incumbent Sam Engola and deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah tussle it out for the vice chairmanship of Northern Uganda.

In Buganda, Ministers Sam Kutesa and Godfrey Kiwanda will seek the coveted seat.

In Western Uganda, Kisembo, wants to ride on the wave of youths to take on the old guard.

Kisembo is the executive director of Bunyoro Kitara Youth Initiative for Development whose aim is to find ways of uplifting the lives of the youths and the underclass.

He said they had undertaken a number of income generating projects that have greatly improved household politics.

On his foray into politics, Kisembo said the time is now for the youths to be part of decision making in the country.

He said there is a vacuum between NRM youths and their party leaders because the young ones fear to engage the old guard.

Mr. Mafumo

“I will restore and revive NRM party structures in Western Uganda, engage youths who are now taken up by Bobi Wine’s People Power,” he said poor leadership at the grassroots had led some NRM supporters to abandon the party in the sub region.

He said over the last four years, no NRM party conferences, training or mobilization from grassroots have taken place in the sub region.

“I will bring back peoples’ support to NRM given the mandate as a youthful person who understands the youth and their dilemmas,” he promised.

He warned that the People Power wave could sweep aside the NRM in the sub region.

If elected as NRM vice chairman for Western Uganda, Kisembo promised to embark on a number of key tasks including; making party structures functional; recruiting new NRM members to ensure visibility from the grassroots and follow up on new government projects and those implemented in western Uganda.

He also promised to advocate for a monthly stipend for NRM chairpersons from village to district level.



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