Esteri Mugulwa Akandwanaho and Eng. Ronald Ndizeye Sekaziga during their happier days.

The daughter of Caleb Akandwanaho aka Gen. Salim Saleh, Esteri Mugulwa Akandwanaho has petitioned  court to have her ex husband and father to her children Eng. Ronald Ndizeye Sekaziga, to have him psychologically evaluated.

The businesswoman and mother of three broke up with her former husband in 2017 due to irreconcilable differences and any attempts of mediating between the two parties were of no help.

On February 11, 2020, Ms Akandwanaho, through her lawyers at Kashillingi Rugaba Associates sought for an mental evaluation of her ex-husband Sekaziga after the former repeatedly refused to follow protocol and continuously put their children at risk by taking strangers to their schools. This is believed to have terrified the young mother who currently seeks sole custody of the divorcees three children.

Stories Continues after

However, sources close to the pair and their families believe there is more to the story than meets the eye. Although the two were madly in love with each other by the time they married in 2010, theirs was a short lived marriage as things took a turn for the worse shortly after that and the pair separated. A source who wishes to stay anonymous states that the two were majorly separated by the betrayal on the husbands part; after he fell in love with his wife’s best friend a daughter to Maj. Gen.Pecos Kutesa. It seems that any attempts to stay faithful to his wife failed, leaving he young bride without a husband and close friend.

This not only rocked the newly weds but also caused a huge scandal in the family as the two girls were not only close but family friends; further severing any Kutesa and Akandwanaho ties despite the families having been very close prior to the breakup.

Although Ms Akandwanho continues to fight for the custody of her children, Sekaziga on the other hand looks happy to move on as he plans to marry and settle with his new bride,…. This new development doesn’t seem to settle well with his ex-wife who quickly ruched to The Nakawa magistrate’s Court to have him mentally checked before anyone else can claim him as their own. Whether this is an attempt to besmirch the young engineer is not yet clear however it seems not have been powerful to halt any marriage plans as the new couple seem intent on tying the knot despite the sabotage from any family members or friends(ex).