Mr Fix-it: David Nyekorach Matsanga.
I have penned this article for us to think about what can be done . Many countries in Africa have not prepared themselves on this subject . Away from politics there’s a matter of grave concern which require the attention of leaders worldwide, but more specifically African leaders.
Coronavirus is a pandemic that is proving to be the biggest threat to human race today. The effects of this pandemic is going to be felt worldwide.
Considering that China is a global manufacturing hub, hosting even top American and European top tech manufacturing companies, the ramifications of the virus will also lead to global economic meltdown.
Already some of the leading manufacturing companies are laying of workers in China, and outside China because those outside China cannot get parts or equipment they need from China to operate.
Airlines are laying off workers due to reduced globa travel. Tourism industry is not spared. In short, besides human carnage, Coronavirus will affect all world economies in one way or another.
China today is a country virtually closed down, isolated, traumatized and stigmatized. Despite being one of the world’s largest economies, the situation is dire and the virus is threatening to get out of control.
Majority of people cannot go to work, hundreds of millions are virtually under house arrest, quarantined in their homes, children are out of school learning through internet classes.
Top scientists and doctors are getting infected and dying while trying to find vaccine or cure for what President Jing Ping has referred to as demon. It’s no joke.
This horror is happening in a country which is building several hospitals…each ten times the size of Kenyatta in less than two weeks time. Now they are burning all old notes to reduce the spread.
My greatest fear is what would happen if this killer virus finds its way into Africa. Obviously, Africa cannot survive global isolation, domestic quarantine, neither does she have resources in terms of medical personnel, physical isolation facilities neither management drugs.
God forbid, the virus would convert African soil into a huge cemetery of un-dug graves. I’ve heard people say the virus was manufactured in the lab specifically to clear African population for Chinese settlement but then it went out of control. I hope this is not true.
For now African governments must declare a continental emergency nationally, regionally and at AU level. This means all resources must be expended in ensuring the virus does not get here. But in case it does, massive resources are deployed to prevent spread.
Drastic measures are necessary as soon as possible. Starting point is 100 per cent severence of air and sea communication with China and Far East countries.
Countries must ensure enough stocks of body suits and face masks as well as undertake training of emergency personnel. Isolation centres, even temporary ones should be constructed and identified.
Food-stocks and preparation of officers at both central and local governments needs to be trained on how to distribute supplies. Nothing should be left to chance.
Politics should be suspended, wars must be stopped. My fellow Africans, there should be no lip service. We must be united as we face this deadly common enemy.
We are facing the greatest threat to our survival…a war which cannot be fought by the conventional armies, a mutating demon with no known cure.
I weep for my beloved continent.
Dr.David Matsanga
The writer is Political scientist & Conflict Resolution Expert ,an investigative Journalist and a Pan African based in London United Kingdom can be contacted via Twitter @Dr.David Matsanga