Cancer Machine

Uganda is spearheading East African Member states in developing harmonized cancer registration guidelines for East Africa.

The discussion of the second draft of harmonized cancer registration guidelines is ongoing at K-Hotels, Entebbe- Uganda.

The three-day discussions with representatives from East African member states aims at establishing a coherent framework for enhancing cancer registration and surveillance in East Africa to control the impact of cancer on the general population.

The member states are expected to discuss the second draft of the harmonized guidelines on cancer registration. This follows the first draft which was discussed in December 2019 in Nairobi- Kenya.

The first conference was held in Arusha, Tanzania at East African Community headquarters in August 2019, the second was hosted at Airport hotel, Nairobi Kenya in December 2019.

It should be noted that for a very long time, Uganda has been Africa’s research powerhouse having worldwide groundbreaking discoveries in cancer research and care. Therefore Uganda taking lead in this initiative indicates that East Africa recognizes the potential and contribution of Uganda towards cancer research through her implementing arm the Uganda Cancer Institute.

Cancer registration and it’s subsequent development of harmonized guidelines will standardize the process of establishment and operation of cancer registries in East African region; it will enhance high quality and comparable information on cancer burden in East Africa Community member states; will increase the cancer registry coverage in the region by involving various teams or authorities on the requirements and process of establishment of a population-based cancer registry and also enhance collaboration and networking among cancer registries in the region.