MP Ibrahim Kasozi

The Deputy Chairperson of Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) Ibrahim Kasozi has ordered for the arrest of Mr Muhammed Allibhai over his failure to appear before parliament select committee investigating irregularities in the acquisition of departed Asian properties.

Allibhai who is also the chairperson of expropriated properties owners limited was expected to explain how he reclaimed contested properties of the departed Asia and sold them off through his company, Alderbridge Real Estate and Management Ltd.

The city businessman was summoned three times to appear before the committee, however, he has since declined, a move that could clearly indicate that he illegally acquired properties of departed Asians.

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Speaking during committee meeting, Kasozi said Allabhai has been given enough time to appear before the committee however he said defied committee orders. “The committee is left with no options other than issuing a warrant of arrest and he should be produced before committee by police on Thursday” Mr. Kasozi ordered.

Allabhai last appeared before the committee in September last year, since then, he has refused to face committee members despite several invitations extended by Legislators.

Departed custodian board (DAPCB) through various sessions they had with the COSASE sub-committee revealed that they have information pinning Allibhai and top government officials and tycoons who illegally repossessed and sold off these properties under questionable circumstances.

Muhammed Allibhai emphasizing a point to colleagues

On January 8, 2020 notice written by Emmanuel Bakwega on behalf of the Clerk to Parliament, COSASE was supposed to travel to Canada, and later to United Kingdom in search of Ugandans who were either paid, or never claimed their properties. The MPs will visit Toronto and Vancouver cities for this exercise mid and later this month.

The businessman, who according to a 2007 published report in the New Vision newspaper, is one of the wealthiest individuals in Uganda, has over 900 properties pegged on his name.