Dr. Chrysostom Muyingo.

State Minister for Higher Education, Chrysostom Muyingo has urged higher institutions of learning to prioritize  funding for research and skilled training for production of innovative and creative graduates.

The minister said during the opening of the second annual higher education conference that is happening at hotel Africana Hotel.  Held under the theme; preparing Uganda’s human capital for the fourth industrial revolution, the minister said with in-depth research, students will be able to come up with technological solution for problems affecting people in the society.

“The fourth industrial revolution lives with us, it is up to us to invest in research, support our students and focus on innovation. We started with rethinking our curriculum for lower secondary school,” he said

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He said the new competence-based and learner-centered curriculum will provide students with an opportunity to be creative and innovative as opposed to just passing examinations, according to the National Curriculum Development Centre.

Under the new curriculum, the number of subjects taught at O-Level in every school is expected to be 12 at both senior one and two, out of which 11 are compulsory and one is optional. At senior three and four a student will be expected to take on a minimum of eight subjects and maximum of nine subjects, with seven compulsory subjects.

Under the new curriculum, the minister said schools will produce quality skilled graduates with the right attitude towards work.

ICT Permanent Secretary Vincent Bagiire

The Permanent Secretary in the  Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Vincent Bagiire said government has embarked on developing policies which focus on supporting innovative students.

“We have many innovative individuals in the country who have come up with solutions for day today problems. Government is now focusing on developing infrastructure for people to access internet on all major highways,” Bagiire said.

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