The Ministry of Health under its Case Management structure has carried out more training on COVID-19 disease.

Dr. Gorge Upenytho, the Commissioner Community Health  Ministry of health (MOH), while opening the training said the main purpose of this training is to create a core competent critical mass among the uniformed personnel who can quickly respond to a disaster within any community.

The commissioner said they are building capacity in those various units to be able train and reach out to the community in case of an outbreak of COVID-19. “Corona virus is a new disease so very little is known about it and yet the fear out there is so huge, so we say the people who can chase away fear are the fearless who are the uniformed colleagues, this is why you were selected for this training.”

Dr.Upenytho was optimistic that after the training the fear people have out there will come down. He further said this is just the beginning of the very many trainings in store for you.

He said the case management team will take them through a training on how to manage in case of an outbreak. As ministry of health, their target is to utilize those trained to become part of the Case Management Team.

The commissioner thanked the participants for accepting to be part of this training. The facilitators included Dr. Okwere  Solome from IDI (Infectious Disease Institute) and Dr. Daniel Bulwadda.

The training was attended by the UPDF Director of Medical Services Maj.Gen. Ambrose Msinguzi, Brig. Steven Kusasira, Deputy Director General Military Hospital Lt Col Basaaliza, Col.Ndagije,Director Pharmaceutical UPDF, Lt. Col. Bakehena Deputy Director Public Health- UPDF, Maj. Jennifer Alanyo among other high profile UPDF medical personnel.

The participants were drawn  from Kaweweta Training School, Peace Support Operations Training Centre Singo, Jinja Cantonment, Senior Staff Command College Kimaka, Magamaga, General Military Headquarters Bombo, Air force and Special Forces Command.

The training is expected to last for two days and by the end of it, the participants are expected to be in position to respond to the COVID- 19 epidemic if it strikes.