Molly Kamukama

KAMPALA-After mounting pressure on ministers who are violating the mandatory quarantine guidelines, State Minister for Economic Monitoring, Ms Molly Kamukama has come out to deny that she forcefully picked her kids from Entebbe Airport without following the government guidelines on COVID-19.

Ms Kamukama, the former Principal Private Secretary to the President was among the four ministers who are being accused of either refusing to be quarantined or helped their relatives returning to Uganda to dodge institutional quarantine.

“I take note of social media rumour that my children skipped mandatory quarantine after their return from Canada. This is completely false as my kids are currently on Day 4 under institutional quarantine” she posted on her Facebook account.

There are reports that after Museveni receiving information that the ministers were violating the mandatory quarantine guidelines, he angrily ordered them to either to be put under institutional quarantine or take the relatives who had violated COVID-19 guidelines to the hotels designated for institutional quarantine.

The angry President Museveni also ordered the ministers not to attend cabinet meetings. Among the four ministers, one travelled from Dubai but refused to be quarantined.

Another minister picked her partner from the airport after spending days in the United States of America where over 1,000 people have died of the deadly disease.

The other two are a male cabinet minister and another state minister who refused to be quarantined.