Police officers infront of one shop ordering for closure.(photo by Ronard Shabomwe)

A joint force of security personnel have closed the shops in Kamwokya, a city suburb, that has failed to comply with the directives issued out by the President Yoweri Museveni.

In an operation headed by Kamwokya market police station OC Ivan Makobi, over 10 shops were stopped from serving its customers due to lack of preventive measures put in place and being with long queues of people lining up to buy food for stocking.

OC Makobi says, people are taking this issue for granted and it will make the situation worse in future since Kamwokya is one of the places with many people.

He adds that people should only listen and put in practice what the authorities instruct them to do, this will save the lives of many Ugandans.

Choli Sowali a police officer at Kira police station who was in the operation says what they are doing is to make sure that people do what they are supposed to do, he says the way how many people congested on shops shopping food stuffs, it might cause a lot of havoc.

Joseph Kakooza Sande chairperson Mulimira Zone Kamwokya says, Ugandans understand when they see officers in uniform that is when they will act upon any directives.

Kakooza further appeals to Kamwokya dwellers to be mindful of their lives and take Coronavirus as a serious disease that knows no one on earth.

According to Kakooza, they have already registered a case of COVID-19, “Out of three people whom we took for testing in Mulago Referral Hospital, one turned positive and he was retained and is now on treatment.

He says that they had taken one Dubai return, Charles Welekhe and A Rwandan returnees only known as Stephen Mukyala  who tested negative and one Dubai returnee Fred Byaruhanga who turned positive.

Jimmy Mbabali, the Vice Chairperson LC1 Kisenyi zone said, they have tried had to sensitize their people but some people are adamant to follow what the whole society has decided to do.

He says that when police officers appear and do any action like this, people will start taking the issue for serious. He says Kisenyi 2 Kamwokya only has over 4221 voters, this excludes the new comers and those who have just reached 18 years and below.

President Museveni, in his address to the Nation in state house Nakasero last night, he allowed shops that sell food stuffs to remain operating but under the condition of making sure that there should not be long lines of customers and that they should make sure they have taps for hand washing and sanitizers.

The President declared that supermarkets should remain open but while following standard operational procedures (SOPs) that should restrict the number of buyers entering and leaving at a time.