Police and other security agencies have arrested 32 people for participating in illegal assembly that contravenes the presidential directive on #COVID-19.

The arrested were found in areas of Kisalonsalo zone Kyebando hiding themselves taking local alcohol known as Malwa and other drugs that included marijuana, smoking cigarettes among others

Dickson Ambikiire the OC Kyebando Police post says they were informed by a well-wisher about the group of the people who were convened in Kisalonsalo zone taking alcohol.

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Ambikiire said he had warned this same group of people several times as per presidential directives but they acted adamantly.

He says it is a group of people who have been disguising as if they stay in the same setting yet they always gather purposely to take alcohol. Ambikiire told our reporter that when they were informed they swiftly swung in and arrested them and over 18 people have been transferred to the mother division old Kira road police station and they will soon be charged with disobedience of unlawful orders.

Told Eagle Online  he was forced to patrol during the day and he realized some people disguise as if they stay in the same place which as well works as a bar and continue drinking and when you come, they hide alcohol and upon seeing you leaving, they converge and resume drinking.

“I urge all Ugandans to take presidential directives so serious because it is very important for the benefit of all of us Ugandans.”OC Ambikiire urges Ugandans.

He further added  “When they tell you social distancing, they should understand that it should be social distancing”.

Some of the people at Kyebando police post waiting to be taken to Old Kira Road police Staion.

He says people should be more concerned and serious about this much as people have not taken this as a serious matter.

Meddie Wahab, the Local Defence Unit operative who led the fellow LDUs told Eagle Online that these people had ignored several warnings.

According to Patrick Onyango the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, people who are found of being in bars drinking alcohol must be careful in this lockdown period because it might cost them highly.

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