Buganda Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga.


By Batanudde Kiwanuka – Mukono


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The recent revelations by Political commentator and former Presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi about Mengo’s Shs100 million contribution to #Covid 19 task force cannot be taken lightly.

Mirundi’s outbursts at times edge more on fiction than reality but this time round, when you listen carefully to his interview on HDTV, he seems to have implicating evidence that suggests that Appolo Makubuya, who postures as a close confidant to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has managed to scheme his way to use his personal relationship with the Kabaka for his personal selfish Interests.

As a concerned Muganda, I hate to think of my Kabaka as cheap to the extent of being used to offer a cheque worth Shs100 million yet this money was actually meant to facilitate a deal if we are to take Tamale’s words as gospel truth.

We would like Katikiro Mayiga to come out on record and clarify the following,

1. Did Kabaka contribute the 100M from his benevolence as the Kabaka or not?
2. Was the contribution Institutional as in from Buganda Kingdom or it was from the Kabaka as an Individual?
3. Were you aware as the Katikiro of this donation or you also learnt of it from the press?
4. Was the donation a cash contribution or it was to be Posho worth Shs100 million as Tamale is alleging?

We as Baganda will not sit back when certain individuals are dragging the name of the Kabaka into their dubious deals and therefore, it’s of utmost importance that as the Katikiro, you protect our Kabaka from such hyenas.

Buganda Kingdoms’ wide spread respect and admiration from time immemorial as sung in the Kingdoms Anthem cannot be seen to be washed down the drain during omulembe omutebi and we can assure you that we shall not tolerate it!

The writer is a senior Muganda

living in Mukono District.