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When Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II donated Shs100m worth of maize flour, the majority of Baganda were not very happy. They wondered how could the Kabaka give as little as Pastor Bugingo and other individuals? “The Kabaka should have mobilized us to give like we did before than embarrassing our great kingdom. We are Buganda, not some cheap chiefdom,” people ranted on Facebook and Twitter.

Information has now leaked on exactly what led to the Kabaka’s dismal donation. While appearing on HDTV over the weekend, maverick Senior Presidential Advisor Tamale Mirundi known for his exclusive information has opened the lid on the crisis at Mengo. Tamale Mirundi revealed what was already in circulation that the maize flour came from a certain businessman linked to the sale of tyres, car spare parts and oil products who owns a major maize mill in Busega. The businessman also owns a chain of popular restaurants mainly located at his petrol stations.

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The deal for the Kabaka to donate so embarrassingly was hatched by Apollo Nelson Makubuya, the former Mengo Deputy Katikkiro who is also the businessman’s lawyer. Makubuya is the Managing Partner of MMAKS Advocates, a law firm that was the lead arranger in the fraudulent sell of Crane Bank. Previously, Makubuya was involved in the dubious sell of Sembule Bank where he worked as a legal officer. “Makubuya is the leading Mafia at Mengo,” Tamale Mirundi said.

With Covid-19 in Uganda, Makubuya saw an opportunity to make a deal that would endear himself to the Kabaka and benefit the businessman. “Makubuya promised the National Covid-19 Taskforce that he would bring the Kabaka to donate a mere Shs100m worth of posho. He promised that the Baganda would give a lot to this cause once the Kabaka shows up,” Tamale Mirundi said. “The Kabaka donating posho? Can you imagine, he even put his name on posho as if there was no rice. Kabaka wa Buganda agaba atya akawunga? Ateeka atya erinnya lye ku kawunga,” Tamale Mirundi asked.

“Makubuya then promised the businessman that he would convince his friends in the taskforce to give him the contract. Robert Kabushenga was to bring the media to drum up the support while Francis Kamulegeya was to provide auditing services,” Tamale Mirundi who is known for his bwino revealed. “I have an audio recording between Makubuya and the businessman and I can release it if he denies,” Tamale Mirundi insisted.

The plan involved Kabushenga, the Vision Group CEO and Kamulegeya, the Managing Partner of pwc, one of the biggest auditing firms in the world. The trio went to Namasagali College and were classmates. They have a special bond and always do deals together. “Makubuya lied to President Museveni to have this team mobilise money for covid-19. Trust me, they are going to fail,” Mirundi said.

Makubuya sold the plan to Nabagereka Sylvia Naginda and Kabaka’s young brother David Kintu Wasajja. Makubuya promised commission to Wasajja from what the businessman would get if the entire deal goes through. Kabaka Mutebi, Nabagereka, Wasajja and the businessman were to appear and hand over the posho to Prime Minister Rugunda. However, at the last minute, the Kabaka said Wasajja would represent him and he stopped Nabagereka from attending.

“The Mengo administration was not aware of Makubuya’s plan that is why you didn’t see Katikkiro Mayiga there. Official Mengo business is handled by Mayiga or he delegates to his close associates. None of them was available at the hand over. The Mengo administrators are smart people, they saw the problem with this Makubuya deal and stayed away,” Tamale Mirundi revealed. “I am sure they could have advised the Kabaka to stay away from this sham donation,” Tamale Mirundi further said.

With the Kabaka quickly learning that this is a sham donation, he ordered quickly for a live televised address to his subjects. Makubuya asked to be part of the address and re-assure the angry Baganda that this wasn’t a bad donation but the Kabaka refused because he realized that Makubuya had misled him.

“It is true that the maize flour from the Kabaka is coming from the maize mill in Busega. They have so far delivered posho worth about Shs30 million. We hope they will deliver all of it,” a source at OPM revealed.

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