Artistic impression of Kyambogo University Main gate.

The Work at Kyambogo University which was expected to be complete by the end of May, may take long due to COVID-19 lock down.

Kyambogo University planned for capital projects for fiscal year 2019-2020 amounting to Shs6,722,845,106 which was expected to be completed by end of May 2020.

According Eng. Patrick Kalule, the University Engineer, the project includes rehabilitation and upgrading of fisher road to standard bituminous paved surface which is approximately 1.08 kilometer stretching West end Entry gate to East End gate.

“This will have some sections with dual carriage and others will be single carriage. Its estimated to cost Shs3.18 billion.” Eng.Kalule said.

He says that the contractor is MUGA Services Limited and the contract signing was on the March 27, 2020, and works are estimated to take two months to be completed.

He also noted that It will be 7 meters wide with walkways, covered drains, open drains and street lights. The design and supervising consultant is UB Consulting Engineers.

Eng. Kalule said there will be also the construction of state of the art entrance gate at west end campus. And that the project is estimated to cost Shs410 million.

“The contractor is Carl Investments Limited and the project duration is expected to be two months from date of contract signing dated March 27, 2020. The Gate comprises of security office with toilets and a control room that will encamps systems for gate barriers. The design consultant is Kyambogo University Main gate artistic impression.. said Eng. Kalule.

The university further is working on improving drainage system of East end football pitch and that the project whose total cost will be Shs470 million and works is expected to be complete within three months from contract signing of March 13, 2020.

The works involves leveling the pitch to attain a standard gradients of football pitch that allows for proper drainage.

According to the designs, the pitch will contain a permeable layer on which approved grass will be planted and the project will include an athlete truck of 8 lanes with drainage systems and the contractor is Amber Construction Company.

The project involves renovation of special needs faculty and that the project involves roof works in order to stop the leakages, painting works, and replacement of asbestos sheets along the corridor.

The project cost is Shs180 million and is estimated to take two months. The Signing of contract was on the March 14, 2020 and the contractor is Omega Construction Company and work done is at currently 50 per cent.

Kyambogo University Vice Chancellor Prof. Elly Katunguka Rwakishaya credited for the development.

There is also re-roofing of central stores project which is now standing at 95 per cent  complete. The project involved the removal of asbestos sheets, fixing iron sheets, internal painting and construction of splash apron. The project cost is approximately Shs94 million and the contractor is Principle Engineering Contractors Limited.

Main building, East library and West end library plumbing works where improved by changing the plumbing supply pipes, installation of new sanity appliances, fixing doors. These works involved supply of materials and labor supervision refurbishment and completion.

However, according to Reuben Twinomujuni, the Senior Public Relations Officer Kyambogo University the #COVID-19 lockdown there has been slow works by the contractors.

Twinomujuni further says if it was not this delay, the project would be complete by the end of May, as it was planned.