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By Nathan Nandala Mafabi


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I wish to clarify on the alleged Shs20 million given to Members of Parliament as follows;

I will start by informing the public that I have personally not received any Shs20 million. If some Members of Parliament received the money, then it must have been a selective process which the Budget Committee and Parliamentary Commission need to clarify.

If it’s true as alleged that each MP has been given Shs20 million, then it is very unfortunate and I will add that Uganda is doomed with such leadership!

Those who have been following my views on this #Covid-19 situation, I have been and will continue advocating for equipping health units, protecting health workers and paying health workers better. I was very clear on this when i featured on NTV’s “On The Spot”

During the supplementary budget for #Covid-19, I argued that all this money ought to be managed by Ministry of Health and stated that it was an opportunity for us as a country to equip hospitals and health units.

As usual, being the minority voice, we lost to the majority view.

I want to pledge afore that If at all am paid Shs20 million which am hearing about I promise to add Shs10 million and send it to Buwalasi Health unit to have it equipped with PPE’s and basic health needs of the sick.

Luckily for me, while many people are crying out to their MPs for food, I want to thank my people of Budadiri West who are sending me bunches of Matooke and Bogoya.

They are all concerned that am locked down and I might die of hunger. They know that if am not locked down am always at their service.

With the little I have, I have continued sharing with my neighbours under distress and want to urge each of us to do so. This is not time for greed and self-aggrandizement, I will retaliate that God should punish those people who are stealing items for distressed people and that God should also punish those who want to benefit at the expense of Ugandans.

Let’s share what we have with those that don’t; let’s keep the social distancing; let’s wash our hands. We shall defeat this #Covid 19.


Stay safe. Stay home





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