Chaos in Parliament of Uganda over age limit debate.


 As Uganda and the rest of the world gamble on how to fight Coronavirus code named #Covid-19 in form of resource mobilization and budget support, Uganda’s legislators better known as Members of Parliament (MPs) have reported asked and already paid Shs20 million ($5,500) for alleged mobilization in their constituencies.

However, the demand by MPs is far beyond greed as the country struggles to mobilize resources to combat the deadly virus. How can they ask for money when the country’s leaders have asked the population to contribute assistance to the taskforce to fight #COVID-19?

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The Ugandan legislators are among the best paid in Africa and secondly, how would the MPs who are under lockdown like the rest of the members of society mobilize the population when they cannot travel? What is urgent that they must be engaged in the #Covid-19 fight?  Ugandans in their humble ways of survival have heeded to the call by President Yoweri Museveni to contribute whatever they can to the Taskforce and thanks to those that have already done so including a Boda-boda rider, a teacher and police woman who donated their earnings.  Whereas it is not a must that everybody must contribute, but is also a good example for leaders like MPs who earn above Shs25 million to donate to the Taskforce.

However, these MPs have instead turned round and are try to grab the little from the government to pocket it in the form of #COVID-19 fight and yet the government is asking the poor to contribute.  Based on the above, shouldn’t Ugandans ask for a referendum on whether we still need the services of MPs?

The leadership of Parliament led by the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga should come clean on the matter than play hike and seek with the population. Kadaga and the Parliamentary Commission should not hide behind #COVID-19 to mobilize resources for their future political campaigns?  You should not hide behind #COVID-to do your usual ways looting the country in form of ‘mobilization’.

Why don’t you have hearts for the poor? Whereas leaders in other parts of the world are either donating their full/half salary, the Ugandan legislator is busy trying to grab the little that would have been used to equip the health worker with protective gears and possibly an increase in her/his allowances. Otherwise your extravagant spending may one day lead to another revolution and we hope you all remember the French revolution.

Leadership must be seen in a leader by demonstration and taking the lead role but for Ugandan legislators, you are using the leadership position to fleece the country of the little resources that would go to the vital area of need. Why too much greed?  In a situation like this where even the head of state has postponed all the activities and locked down the country, what would use that money for?  STOP THE GREED; DON’T PRESS MUCH FROM THE POOR.






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