Mr. Elijah Biryabarema, the embattled Ntoroko RDC
The Ntoroko RDC has today been arrested by the Rwenzori West Regional CIID for failure to perform his mandated duties and suspected involvement in misappropriation of funds meant for the district fight against Ebola and COVID-19.
Mr. Elijah Biryabarema is also accused of non performance in the district as well as and abscondment from duty.
It is alleged that he has been always absent from his duty station since he lives in Kamwenge district where he hails from. He has since left the burden of his office in the hands of the DISO Ntoroko.
 Cases cited against him include, but not limited to:
Failure to reign over the district health department which has since been very ineffective in the district. It is because of this that Shs412 million meant for Ebola prevention activities has been misappropriated.

There is also Shs16 million meant for #COVID-19 that has also not been utilized with the DHO claiming that the money has not yet reached the district account  two weeks after MoH released the funds.

Biryabarema has failed to address critical issues in the district since he is never in office. One such major issue is the land dispute in Kibuku town council which he has deliberately avoided to address.
They also accused him of not giving out food relief from well wishers which is rotting away in a store without being distributed since he has not been able to make a planned schedule on when and how to distribute it.
 Authorities further accuse him of diverting district vehicles that were directed by the President to be used by the district task force are non existent since he has failed to see that they are available to the community when they are needed
 There are allegations that funds for border volunteers who have been screening entrants into the country during the Ebola pandemic have not been accounted for despite the MoH sending the funds over a month ago.  The volunteers are demanding over a year’s pay. They were supposed to receive Shs3 million each but there’s no accountability to this effect. There are 74 volunteers along the Ntoroko border with the DRC
The RDC is currently at the regional Police headquarters awaiting to have his statement taken and further steps will be announced later.