Balaam Barugahare, a volunteer from the office of prime minister reading the names to come and receive items.
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The Office of Prime Minister (OPM) in conjunction with Uganda National Student’s Association(UNSA) has given relief food to Kyambogo University students who are stranded and starving in private hostels.

The given items included rice, maize flour, beans and soap and each student received 5kgs of maize flour, 3kgs beans, five bars of soap and a 1kg of rice. Over 1,775Kgs of maize flour,350 Kgs of rice were given out.

Balaam Barugahare, the a volunteer who delivered relief food from Office of Prime Minister told  Eagle online that when they read the news about the starving university students, they also planned to run to these students. He also said that Uganda National Students Association approached OPM and requested them to help the starving students.

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“We found it challenging because even workers came and joined on the lists and some students ended up not getting the food.” Barugahare said.

The Nakawa RCC, Anderson Burora noted that they had distributed the food to some students but other students did not get. He said the lists that was submitted to them had few students as compared to the numbers of students that turned up.

“We cannot leave students to starve and as government it’s our mandate to cater for Ugandans and food distribution is for all.” Burora explained.

Ezra Byakutangaza the President Uganda National Students Association said that they had registered 400 students but only 355 students have been able to get food.

He further explained that when they reached, they got overwhelmed by the numbers they found on ground. He said that they have registered those who missed food and they will cater for them.

Suzan Itaget a student said  that they are happy to have been thought about by giving them relief food. However, she said that they received little and other students did not receive simply because other people joined the queues yet they were not students.

According to UNSA, they have agreed with the national task force that all students of the same challenge in different universities should be reached and be given food.