President Yoweri Museveni


President Yoweri Museveni 14th Covid-19 nation address has left many Ugandans confused as whether he has eased the lockdown or stayed it as they couldn’t figure to resume work or stay home until June 2, 2020 when free public masks will be distributed.

In his address, Mr. Museveni indicated that public transport was free for operation provided they carried half of the passengers in the taxis.

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The President said the public transport, shops; bod-bodas for delivery were open but could wait until June, 2, 2020 when Nytil would distribute free masks from government.

“Once the issue of masks is addressed, the, shops selling general merchandise will open provided they are not in the shopping malls, shopping arcades and food markets. Boda-bodas won’t carry passengers yet. They should continue to carry cargo as they have been doing during the time of the lockdown” the President said.

However, his address has left many wondering whether the population waits for free distribution of mask on June 2, 2020 or resume immediately since most employees had bought personal masks.

“The president’s address is confusing because he wasn’t clear, how do you say you have opened up and yet at the same time you are appealing to the public to wait for June 2, 2020 when you will give free masks? We can’t be sure whether this is attainable because we were promised food which we have never received after 60 days home.”  Wondered one of the employers at one of the companies in Kampala?

“We are going to open up but opening up will require you to wear masks. These masks will be ready in two weeks”

President Museveni furthermore outlined areas not essential for opening as bars, night clubs gyms, saunas, swimming pools, hair saloons that will remain closed for 21 days as they can’t observe the rues of social distancing. He also stressed that private vehicles will be opened for operations as far as they carry less than three passengers.

On education, Museveni said it is only candidate classes that will be allowed to resume classes after free distribution of masks.

On hotel and restaurants, he said they will reopen provided they offer takeaway services until when the more 21 days are complete.