pastor Senyonga

Several people have stormed Christian Life church this evening demanding for relief food that was being given to members and people in neighboring areas of the church.

Pastor Senyonga the senior Pastor at Christian life church Kavule Bwaise gave out relief food to members of the church and other people from around. Over 10,000 people have received 5Kgs of maize flour, 5kgs of beans, a bar of soap, a basin and 1kg of sugar.

However, many people from neighboring areas and those by passing when they heard that food was being given to people at Christian life church, they came and gathered demanding to be given food too.

According to some of the people that Eagle online talked to, they came with the hope of getting relief food, but to their dismay, they were chased by the police stopping them from accessing the premises telling them that food was over.

The church official who preferred anonymity informed this website that they were giving out food to people who were given coupons. However, many people even those with no coupons showed and they also wanted food yet the items given out were on plan.

According to Michael Mubiru a church official, they have a plan of giving out relief food next week to the people who missed out the chance of getting food.

Abdu Musoke a resident of Bwaise says he was given a coupon and he came hoping for relief food but when he reached he found they were not allowed to enter. The police told them the food over.

He says they planned poorly, because if they had planned for the coupons given out. How come, there were many people with coupon who did not get food.

Imelda Ssonko a church member who missed out says that she was informed by the neighbor who saw many people receiving food and when she came, she found the police stopping people and telling them that food is over.

Ahmed Semakula a resident in Kavule told Eagle online that for him he appreciates pastor Senyonga for the food he gave out, even if he did not get food, saying that he has done his best and he could not manage the big numbers of people who showed up.

Sarah Ndagire a church member and a resident of Bwaise says she really had hopes of getting food because she is going through hard times of starving since she never received food when government was giving out relief food because it found her attending to her daughter in the hospital.