ACP-Paul Nkore


The Chief Magistrates court at Jinja has served Jinja District Internal Security Officer Musoke and Kiira (Jinja) Regional Police Commander Nkore with summons

The duo was dragged to the court by the embattled Jinja Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Joseph Eric Sakwa.

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Through his lawyers of Nyote & Co. advocate and Alaka & Co. advocates, Sakwa challenges the manner in which Nkore arrested him

Sakwa further accuses Nkore for ‘unlawfully’ trying to confiscate his official car and he jointly accuse him (Nkore) and Musoke (the DISO) for unlawfully locking down the office of the RDC last week.

We have established that when Sakwa was interdicted on May 4, he was ordered by the Secretary in the office of the president to handover office to the DISO. Days later, Musoke (DISO) and Nkore (RPC) allegedly locked up the RDC’s office, blocking Sakwa from accessing it yet he had filed an application in court challenging the interdiction.

In the summons dated May 18 and served to the two respondents, court has given then 15 days to file a written defence.

“Wereas the plaintiff has filed a suit against you particulars of which are contained in the copy plaint attached hereto.

You are requested to file a written statement of defence in 15 days from the date of service of this summons on you,” read the summons seen by Eagle Online.

The court further warns the duo that should they fail to file a defence within the said fifteen days, the consequences would be that the court will proceed to determine the case in their absence.

Sakwa was on Wednesday, May 20th reinstate in office by the High Court at Jinja in an interim order r issued by the court deputy registrar, Fred Waninda until his case in which he challenges his interdiction is determined.

In a May 4, letter signed by the Secretary in the Office of The president, Hajji Yunus Kakande, Sakwa was interdicted and ordered to hand over office to the District Internal Security Officer, Fred Musoke.

He was interdicted to pave for investigations into the manslaughter and robbery charges that he is currently battling in court.

Sakwa who continued with his work after receiving the interdiction letter, one day found his office locked.

In a Wednesday court order, the Deputy Registrar of the High Court at Jinja, Fred Waninda ordered that Sakwa should remain in office until the main case in which he challenges his interdiction is disposed of.

“An interim order is hereby issued restraining the respondents or their agents from evicting the applicant from office of RDC Jinja district or from anyway interfering with his job, work and functions as RDC or from and his emoluments accruing to his office as RDC pending the final disposal of the application for a temporally injunction,” read the interim order.

He is now taking on Nkore and Musoke as individuals for their actions which to him were illegal/unlawful.