Fred Enanga, Police spokesperson

The police have come out and cleared the air that the stickers that were issued out by the Ministry of Works and Transport to 26 categories of essential workers are still valid and helpful.

Senior Superintendent of Police – SSP Norman Musinga, also Kampala Metropolitan traffic police commander while addressing journalists at media center early this week had said police would not spare vehicles and drivers with essential stickers including those with letters of RDC because they had expired.

Adding that stickers that were no longer in use but advised to keep them for future purposes.

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Hovever, Police publicist, Fred Enanga while addressing the journalists at Media Center on weekly inter Agency Joint task force Media briefing said, said they are received many calls as police from people seeking for clarification whether the stickers that were given to essential workers are still helpful.

“They are still calling us due to the conflicting information and interpretation that are out there, we want to come out and clarify that people who do have stickers even though they eased restrictions on the use of private vehicles and as we go forward we are looking at development of regarding public transport” Enanga explains.

Adding that their stickers are valid and they need to continue using them, however the time for curfew remains 6:30 up to 7pm.

Enanga further cautions that the delay in traffic jam should not be used as an excuse for being caught up in curfew time. And that everyone should therefore plan for the journeys well to avoid inconveniences.