President Yoweri K. Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has relaxed the #Covid-19 lockdown by allowing the return of public transport and opening of shopping mall for business.

Public transport is allowed but will carry half of normal capacity including both driver and conductor for buses and taxis. However, this will operate in the centre districts excluding 40 districts that are on the borderline.

“All passengers, drivers must wear masks, brokers, taxi/bus touts, hawkers are not allowed in public transport parks/ terminals”.
Museveni further directed a ban on boda-bodas, bars, saunas, saloons, gyms. Museveni said schools should remain closed except candidate classes which he gave one month of observance before opening.

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“With education, we had thought of opening for finalists and we hoped that there would be enough space to avoid overcrowding and observe social distance. We have decided that we shouldn’t bite too much at this time”
For Arcades, the president said there should be maximum observance of the social distance and adhering to the guidelines. The partial opening up comes after 75 days of lockdown which saw no normal running of normal life. Uganda has registered over 450 cases of Coronavirus with the greatest percentage being of foreign truck drivers with no death. The country has also been praised for its handling of the #Covid-19 patients.

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