Gen. Henry-Tumukunde.

Former Security Minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde has stuck to his guns and insisted that “all Ugandans must join in the struggle for an unprecedented peaceful change since Independence.”
In his first detailed statement since he was released on bail, Lt Gen Tumukunde said his imprisonment was “a price for offering himself for the leadership of the country” and quickly added that Ugandans should “boldly and with focus amplify their determination and resolve to execute our mission”

To the change-seeking forces both in opposition and in government, Lt Gen Tumukunde called for a united front” to achieve change in the country.
”I would like to send a message to members of the opposition including those in the ruling party with alternative views, that what we all suffer can be ended through a united front to achieve change in this country,”Lt Gen Tumukunde’s statement reads.
On his ordeal during the 59-days of solitary confinement in Luzira Maximum Security Prison, Lt Gen Tumukunde said he was denied access to his family, lawyers and advisors, explaining that he was essentially a “prisoner of conscience”.

Lt Gen Tumukunde, who participated in the 1981-86 Bush War that brought this government to power, was arrested after he declared that he will contest for the Presidency in the 2021 elections to challenge his former boss-Gen Museveni.
Lt Gen Tumukunde, who retired from UPDF in 2015, joins a growing list of senior military Generals who participated in the Bush War but have since broken ranks with Gen Museveni’s regime, accusing him of betraying all the ideals that inspired the Bush War.

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In his statement, Lt Gen Tumukunde said that: “My lifelong belief has been in competition of ideas and tolerance of alternative views. The soul of my belief is shaped by the conviction that one must defeat his opponent with superior arguments and alternative policies [but] not by abuse of law, coercion, suppression and oppression.”

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