Mr. Sudhir Ruparelia

City tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia has asked staff who were sacked from his Sanyu FM to re-apply for their jobs if they are interested in being reinstated.

Mr Ruparelia sacked the entire Sanyu FM staff on Wednesday after they rejected a 25% pay cut and instead went on a sit-down strike.

The paycut was enforced as the radio station,like many other business operations,is struggling due to the Corona virus lockdown.

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James Onen,popurarly known as Fatboy,led the sit-down strike.

But after giving it a second thought,some of the sacked staff met with Sanyu FM top management on Friday,apologised over their actions and indicated that they were willing to take the 25% paycut.

This website understands that during the closed-door meeting,most staff admitted to being misled by Fatboy.

In response to their U-turn,Mr Ruparelia asked them to re-apply for their jobs.

Rajiv Ruparelia,a key director in the Ruparelia Group, branded Fatboy’s actions “selfish”.

Sanyu FM,Uganda’s oldest private radio station, having hit the airwaves in December 1993, quickly replaced strike-leader Fatboy with popular comedian Patrick Salvador.

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