Two men have been arrested for impersonating the newly appointed Uganda Revenue Authority Commissioner General John Musinguzi Rujoki on Facebook.

The arrested are; Ronald Muhumuza, 26, and Francis Mutambuzi,38. According to a statement released by the tax body, the duo was running a fake account in an attempt to defraud the public through false promises of jobs and business opportunities with URA.

It is said that a complaint who commenced interactions on April 17 with a fake Facebook account in an attempt to reach out to the commissioner General was instead alarmed when the fraudsters promised him a contract with URA for a kick-back of shillings 10 million.

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“The complaint contacted URA about the scheme and investigations duly ensued culminating into the duos arrest,” the statement reads in part adding “…one of the suspects operates a sim card registration business and he takes advantage of clients’ national identification cards forgotten at his shop to fraudulently register sim cards which sim cards he then utilizes to contact and defraud unsuspecting members of the public.”

The suspects are facing criminal charges under the computer misuse Act. Police have over time warned about the increasing cases of fraud, arising out of identity thefts. For instance, the cases increased from 158 reported in 2017 to 198 reported in 2018, resulting in a loss of UGX 610M.

A 2018 study published in International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, indicates that identity spoofing occurs, when criminals create fake accounts of musicians, politicians, actors and people of influence to gather sensitive data from other people or in hopes of tarnishing their image.

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