Outgoing Chief Justice Bart Katureebe.

Outgoing Chief Justice Bart Katureebe today left office with Deputy Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo set to take charge in acting capacity.

A press statement from the Judiciary released this evening indicates that a brief handover ceremony will be conducted on Monday.
However, Deputy Chief Justice Alphonse Owiny-Dollo takes over the Chief Justice’s office with immediate effect.

“For me, I am very happy with where we have reached. Nearly everything of mine has clicked. The Electronic Case Management System is on course. The construction of the Appellate Courts is on course, those are my achievements. The Administration of the Judiciary Bill, which was passed by Parliament was assented to by the President,” Mr Katureebe was quoted in the press statement.

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He said the terms and conditions of judicial officers have improved and it’s no longer (ex gratia (paid at will) and that judicial officers now have retirement benefits.

“When I joined the Judiciary in 2005, judges were getting Shs5 million. They are now averaging getting Shs 25m per month, “Mr Katureebe was quoted in the press statement.

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