Democratic party publicist Fred Mwesigwa.

The Democratic Party (DP) has urged Parliament to engage with the Electoral Commission over scientific elections which they allege intend to suffocate constitutional rights of Ugandans of having free, fair and credible elections.

Speaking at Party headquarters, DP press secretary, Fred Mwesigwa said elections cannot just be reduced to the act of casting ballots. Earlier this month, the chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Justice Simon Byabakama revealed that the 2021 elections will be held digitally in a bid to curb the spread of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

“Elections must provide for active engagements between the voters and those seeking to be elected to public offices. The infrastructure for digital campaigns is inadequate in most areas in the country and even where they may be available, they are too costly and inaccessible for various reasons.” Mwesigwa said

He said that the same government which has insisted that #COVID-19 is so grave is why public gatherings, including religious gatherings, are banned; it should be the same government to find it necessary to declare a state of emergency in order to allow for flexibility in implementing the election time table.

“We believe that the threat of #Covid-19 is being exaggerated to swindle public funds and rig elections by undermining the will of the people. If indeed the pandemic is as severe as it is said to be, then the proper move is to declare a state of emergency and focus on saving lives instead of a deceitful trade off in the name of ‘scientific elections that may be overrun by the emotions that an election season generates.” He said